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Stroke Prevention: Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Stroke

Posted by:

Johannes Sauer

Published at: June 19, 2024

Table of Contents
  1. Top Risk Factors of a Stroke

    1. Diabetes

    2. Smoking

    3. Alcohol

    4. High Blood Pressure

  2. Key Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Strokes

    1. Healthier Diet

    2. Regular Exercises

    3. Weight Management

  3. Adaptive Footwear for Comfort Post-Stroke

The CDC reports that someone in the US has a stroke every 40 seconds, adding up to 795,000 people per year. Every 3 minutes and 14 seconds, a person dies from a stroke. 

With the prevalence and lethality of stroke, it is important to take steps toward prevention. Thankfully, you can limit some of your risk factors and adopt healthy lifestyle habits to effectively reduce your chances of stroke.

Top Risk Factors of a Stroke

Let’s take a look at some of the main risk factors for stroke. Some of these are preventable, while others can be mitigated.


Diabetes is one of the health conditions that is associated with the highest risk for stroke. 28% of people with all types of stroke have diabetes. 

If you do not have diabetes, you can prevent this condition by exercising and managing your weight.


Smoking can increase your chances of stroke. It is worth noting that if you stop smoking, you may reduce your chances of stroke. So, if you do not smoke now, do not start. And if you do smoke, quit. 


Your risk of getting a stroke increases by 28% if you are a heavy drinker, compared to not drinking at all. Avoid heavy drinking. Drink in moderation, or not at all, if that suits you.

High Blood Pressure

The American Stroke Association explains that if you have high blood pressure, your heart has to work harder. High blood pressure also damages arteries and organs. As a result, stroke is more likely. You should take steps to lower high blood pressure, or prevent it from starting.

Key Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Strokes

Jun 19, 2024

Based on the risk factors we just went over, we can offer a few suggestions for how you can adjust your lifestyle to reduce your chances of stroke.

Healthier Diet

Start eating a healthier diet. You need to reach or maintain a healthy weight and try to control your blood pressure. A diet that is high in fruits, vegetables and fibers and low in saturated and trans fats is ideal.

Regular Exercises

Exercise can be a powerful preventative strategy for stroke. In a cohort study of 16,878 men between the ages of 40 and 87, it was found that the risk of stroke mortality decreased for those who engaged regularly in moderate to high levels of cardiorespiratory exercise. 

Weight Management

You need to try and maintain a healthy body weight to prevent stroke. A combination of regular exercise and a healthy, consistent diet should be adequate in most cases to achieve your weight loss or weight maintenance goals. Avoid unhealthy crash diets, and stick with diets that produce effective, lasting results.

Adaptive Footwear for Comfort Post-Stroke

Your first thought when you ask how to prevent or heal from stroke probably does not involve footwear, but the right shoes can help.

Exercise is an important component of stroke recovery. Comfortable, supportive shoes that help you maintain a natural gait can assist you in hastening your recuperation. 

The Cadense Original Adaptive Shoes for men and women with patented variable friction technology allows you to cross uneven surfaces even if you are experiencing post-stroke foot drop.

In addition, this type of footwear can also help you to prevent future strokes by making it easier and more comfortable for you to exercise regularly. Their lightweight, fatigue-reducing design will allow you to work out longer and more effectively.



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What is the best diet to prevent stroke?

The CDC recommends a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, and low in trans fat, saturated fats, and cholesterol. Do not overindulge in sodium, but try to get lots of fiber.

Are there specific warning signs of a stroke to be aware of?

If you suddenly begin experiencing weakness or numbness in your arm, leg or face, that can be a sign of stroke, particularly when it is confined to just one side. Additional warning signs of stroke include speech problems, confusion, and vision problems.

Can stress and depression increase stroke risk?

Depression is associated with a higher chance of stroke. It could be that when people are depressed, they tend to make lifestyle choices that increase their stroke risk, i.e. working out less or smoking. Hypertension and diabetes may also be a link, since depression can raise the chances of developing these stroke risk factors.

Is moderate alcohol consumption safe for stroke prevention?

Interestingly enough, it may actually have a protective effect. The Medical University of South Carolina reports that people who had less than 1 drink a day were actually less likely to get ischemic stroke than those who did not drink at all, or drank over 2 drinks per day. These benefits seem to be especially pronounced for women.

Posted by: Johannes Sauer

Johannes is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cadense and passionate about helping people with walking difficulties. Johannes is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cadense and passionate about helping people with walking difficulties. He was immediately drawn to the mission of the company because his cousin lost his lower leg in a tragic motorcycle accident a few years ago and is experiencing walking difficulties ever since. Johannes brings over a decade of experience in working for consumer product companies to Cadense. He holds an MBA from the University of Graz in Austria. Johannes lives with his family in Santa Barbara, CA.

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