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Cadense Community Q&A from May 19, 2024

Community Q&A from May 19, 2024

Watch our first Cadense Community Q&A session to get answers to many important questions about Cadense adaptive shoes. Learn more about how Cadense shoes work, discover tips and tricks for using them, and find plenty of other helpful information.

Overview of the questions: 

0:00 - Introduction Dr. Tyler Susko
3:52 - The reason for pre-orders and long delivery times
5:07 - Who are the shoes for and who would most benefit from them?
7:18 - What is it like when you first put the shoe on? Any recommendations to get started?
10:43 - What is it like to drive a car in these shoes? How are they when using gym equipment?
12:31- Walking on surfaces that are icy or wet? How about grass?
15:25 - How do the shoes work on rocky trails and cobblestones?
16:20 - Do I need to wear my AFO with these shoes?
17:55 - How is the Ankle and Arch support of these shoes?
19:37 - Cleaning of the shoes
20:17 - What is the durability of the shoes like?
21:33 - Do the shoes help with fatigue
23:58 - Specific question about wearing AFOs on both legs
27:09 - Question about activating the variable friction with lower body weight
28:20 - I wear a size 12.5D in Hoka. Which should I get with these shoes?
29:16 - How do the sizes between Men's and Women's compare?
30:55 - Are the shoes waterproof? Do you have any winter boots planned? How about your distribution plans?
32:21- The shoes work great for me on carpet and tile, but I have trouble on hardwood. Do you have any recommendations for me?
34:55 - Where are the shoes manufactured?
35:45 - How does your return policy work? Can we try the shoes?
36:55 - Can I remove my walker over time?
38:49 - International shipping
40:22 - Is there a weight requirement for the shoes?
41:41 - Is there a cost for the return shipping?
42:22 - Sizing guidance for AFOs
43:14 - Will you be making a fully-laced shoe?
44:23 - Outro

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